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Genuine Pentax

In days of yore and PDP-11, there was a game Pentax, written by unknown author. If anybody doesn't know - it's alike Tetris, except that only quinary figures - pentamino - are dropped in a glass. This game afforded me not a few hours of great pleasure.

And here in present times I bethought of it and undertook a search for something alike in Internet. To my great surprise I didn't find that I wanted. There were a lot of Tetrises and of its perverted modifications, fussy and with Bacchanal songs and dancing. The were variants with figures of various size. But I didn't succeed to find classical, genuine Pentax.

Therefore after some hesitation I tackled the problem and wrote this game. And uploading it for common use. Maybe somebody else has a nostalgia of it. And surely it has chances to please you even if you never saw it.


How to play.

Controlling falling figures. It is convenient to place right hand on calculator-like keys right on keyboard - forefinger on 4 (left arrow) key, middle one on 5 (it presses 2 (arrow down) too), ring-finger - on 6 (right arrow). Put left hand on a space key.

Goal of the game - to fill completely rows in a glass. Filled rows are annihilated, and player get points of score - 10 points for every filled row + height, from that last figure was dropped down + current speed value. So, it is worth-while not to wait until a figure falls itself, but to drop it by space key.

After every 10 filled rows falling speed increments by one - from 0 to 9. At zero speed a figure falls one cell in roughly one second, at 9th - in 1/10 seconds. But after 9th speed happy player newly get 0 ones and can take breath.


Sort of license.

The game is free, please play all who want.

But if somebody will get such a pleasure from the game that will wish to express his acknowledgment to the author and support him in his future well-intentions, donations may be done from the game home page

Good luck!

Oleg Pashchenko