OV Desktop Image Viewer



Main application window has no border. It can be shaped as rectangle, ellipse or rounded rectangle to decorate your desktop.

The window can be moved on screen by left mouse button.

Right mouse button shows menu. Most common operations in this menu has keyboard shortcuts as well.

Here you can

The application can work in two modes.

If it is started without parameters, it shows a file that was opened last time in this mode, and continues slide show of images in this folder. This mode is useful to adorn your working desktop with photos of your dear relatives, or pets, or nice nature.

The second mode is when the application is started with filename parameter, e. g. using windows explorer. The installation program associates OV Desktop Image Viewer with file extensions listed above. Right click on image file, select “Open with…” and select OV Desktop Image Viewer. Here you can make OV Desktop Image Viewer default application to open such files. This mode is intended to view some certain files and order image collection in selected folder.

Settings for each mode are separate

System requirements: Win32, .NET Framework 3.5

Hope you like it.

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Last updated 2022-12-03.

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