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Hi, my name is Oleg V. Pashchenko. I live in Tomsk, Siberia, Russia. I am contractor programmer, my main work is development of applications by request of customers - in team and independently. The applications are widely ranged - from database-oriented accounting and enterprise management to automatic control systems of technological plants. 

My favorite development tool from 1997 was Borland C++ Builder. Since 2003 I work with MS .NET framework with C# and C++ and find it better - it is not surprising taking into account that in many respects .NET is an evolution of VCL.

During the work I have created a number of common-use components, classes and functions, that, as I think, may be of interest for other programmers. Some of them are presented here. 

Far not all that I was planning to upload here is really uploaded for now. 

First, as I have found out, to have a component for internal use and to present it publicly - are two different things! The last requires to polish code - in order to foresee all unbelievable situations and ways the user can use a component, and to prepare good documentation. Documentation creation is not too easy task for me taking into consideration that English is not my native language.

Second, it's not main job but rather hobby of me. Despite some of products presented here are shareware, the income of this commerce is too small to affect somehow my living standards :(. So all I am making in this site I am making mostly to enjoy myself, in free time (it's not concerned with user support of the shareware products - I consider this as the responsible work).

So why not to make them all freeware? I am principled opponent of freeware paradigm, if the product distributed is not a toy only and if it is not very easy to create. Freeware depraves users and gives birth to disrespect to programmer job. Indeed, why nobody demands from, say, brewers to give out their beer for free? So why it is in the order of things to expect this from a programmer? Or programmers job is very easy? And who knows how many excellent projects was not born or was ruined because there was worse but free analog? And could we have so excellent systems if their creators were enforced to give it for free?

The said has no regard to open source product, where joint job works sometimes wonders.

Another point. Many people collect freeware components even if they don't need them really and unlikely will need in future, just 'for a case'. But if a component has its cost, even very low cost, one will purchase it only if he really need it. So in months when sales are relatively large I am glad and proud that my creations are useful for others really! :)

So if you like some shareware product and purchase it, consider this as if you say 'thanks' to the author and stand him a pair of beer mugs! 

Good luck!

Oleg V. Pashchenko.