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Some of common use components, classes and functions of mine, I suppose being good enough to be published, are presented below. All components are written in C++ Builder and should be used with this compiler only. 

Users support is provided for all shareware products.

OV Printing Pack

OV Printing Pack is set of flexible reporting components helping to create any printable documents with powerful print preview system.

Shareware with source, C++ Builder 5, 6, 2006, 2009


Template form which allows to save and restore form state, size and position, as well as any user data in descendant forms. It also assigns to itself application icon as default.

Freeware with source, C++ Builder3-2009


OVDBEnumComboBox component helps to associate integer values kept in database field with descriptive strings - with which user works. Descriptive strings are filled in Items property; the component shows the string with ItemIndex equal to data field value (and, vice versa, stores in data field an index of string selected by user).

Freeware with source, BCB 3-6


OVBitGrid (TCustomGrid descendant) allows to view and edit bit matrixes in tabular format. 

Freeware with source, BCB 4-6


VCL implementation of a MessageBox with checkbox, usually of a kind "Don't ask me more".

Freeware with source, BCB 3-6

IBXm 6.084 - enhancement of Interbase Express 6.08 components

Separate reading and writing transactions in datasets, reaction on connection loss, transaction events, some bugs correction.

Naturally, freeware with source, Delphi 6, BCB6


Notes to owners of component collection sites. There were accidents when zip files of my components were published on some of such sites - without notice to me. Furthermore, somewhere I haven't access to info on that sites, despite of all my e-mail requests. Don't do it! I'd like to be published on such sites, it's good ad, but I should have possibility to update info. For the same reason I prefer that such sites did not have zip files of my products - only links to zips and my pages, and all downloads were from my site. Thank you.