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It's often required to keep values from some predefined set in table field - for example, kind of operation, document type etc. User should be able to see descriptive strings for each alternative from the set and to select the alternative he need. This can be accomplished by TDBComboBox or TListBox components. But they have one fault: they write in data field an descriptive string, which can be up to tens of characters long. It's inefficient to keep in database thousands of identical strings; it's hard for database engine to maintain them. However it is enough to keep in database short integer numbers corresponding to index of the string - some kind of C++ enum type - which takes much less space and is maintained much easier.

TOVDBEnumComboBox component helps to associate integer values kept in database field with descriptive strings - with which user works. Descriptive strings are filled in Items property; and the component shows the string with ItemIndex equal to data field value (and, vice versa, stores in data field an index of string selected by user).

See OVDBEnumComboBox.txt in zip file for details of use and installation.

Download source code of TOVDBEnumComboBox component for Borland C++ Builder 3-6 (8K). It is freeware.


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