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IBXm 6.084 - Interbase Express components modifications.

Enhanced version of Interbase Express 6.08 components for Delphi and Borland C++ Builder.

Main features:

  • TIBCustomDataset (and all its descendants - TIBDataSet, TIBTable, TIBStoredProc, TIBQuery) are now able to work in two transactions - reading and writing. So we can open the dataset in long reading transaction and make updates in short writing transactions, with all the ensuing advantages.
  • TIBTransaction events for before/after start/end transaction.
  • Fixed a bug (or feature) with TIBStoredProc: in original version, if a stored procedure on server raises an exception, TIBStoredProc calls it twice.
  • A reaction on lost connection is implemented.
  • A little enhancement of TIBSQLMonitor.

See readme.htm for details.

Download source code and packages (400k) for Borland C++ Builder and Delphi 6. Before install, read important installation notes in readme.htm!