TOVCheckMessageBox readme file

VCL implementation of a MessageBox with  a checkbox, usually of a kind "Don't ask me more".

The unit contains the function OVCheckMesBox and the component TOVCheckMessageBox

TModalResult PACKAGE OVCheckMesBox(
	AnsiString Message,
	AnsiString Caption,
	TMsgDlgType DlgType,
	TMsgDlgButtons Buttons,
	AnsiString CheckBoxCaption,
	bool & Checked

Meanings of the parameters are clear from their names. For details of TMsgDlgType and TMsgDlgButtons see VCL help on CreateMessageDialog function.

class PACKAGE TOVCheckMessageBox: public TComponent
	// ....
	__fastcall TOVCheckMessageBox(TComponent * Owner);
	virtual __fastcall ~TOVCheckMessageBox();
	TModalResult __fastcall Execute();
	__property TStrings * Message = { read=GetMessage, write=SetMessage };
	__property AnsiString Caption = { read=FCaption, write=FCaption };
	__property TMsgDlgType DlgType = { read=FDlgType, write=FDlgType };
	__property TMsgDlgButtons Buttons = { read=FButtons, write=SetButtons };
	__property AnsiString CheckBoxCaption = { read=FCheckBoxCaption, write=FCheckBoxCaption };
	__property bool Checked = { read=FChecked, write=FChecked, default = false };

TOVCheckMessageBox component is a wrapper around the OVCheckMesBox. At first call of Execute method a user can select the checkbox, that has a meaning "don't ask me more". Then all subsequent calls didn't show the message box. Iinstead the TModalResult value of the button previously selected by the user is returned.


(C) Oleg Pashchenko, 2003-2004