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Genuine Pentax

In days of yore and PDP-11, there was a game Pentax, written by unknown author. If anybody doesn't know - it's alike Tetris, except that only quinary figures - pentamino - are dropped in a glass. This game afforded me not a few hours of great pleasure.

And here in present times I bethought of it and undertook a search for something alike in Internet. To my great surprise I didn't find that I wanted. There were a lot of Tetrises and of its perverted modifications, fussy and with Bacchanal songs and dancing. The were variants with figures of various size. But I didn't succeed to find classical, genuine Pentax.

Therefore after some hesitation I tackled the problem and wrote this game. And uploading it for common use. Maybe somebody else has a nostalgia of it. And surely it has chances to please you even if you never saw it.

The game is localized for English, German and Russian languages. You can read here online German and Russian versions of readme file.

Download GenuinePentaxSetup.exe (550K) (freeware).


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