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OV Desktop Image Viewer 3.2

The application allows to decorate your computer desktop by collection of periodically changed various shaped images, in window or as wallpaper. (Images are not enclosed in the distribution pack, compose your own collection on your desire. There is a lot of image collections in Internet, for example, here).

Main features:

  • the application can show images in JPG, GIF, BMP, EMF and WMF formats;
  • shows the images either in window or as a wallpaper (in the last case Windows Active Desktop in screen properties should be switched off);
  • images may be shaped as a rectangle, rounded rectangle or ellipse - both in window and desktop modes;
  • allows to scan images within one folder and change them with the user defined periodicity, either sequentially or in random order;
  • images can be scaled;
  • file manager functions, helping to keep your image collection in order;
  • in desktop mode, you can keep old wallpaper or pattern in background;
  • the window hasn't caption and border. It can be moved over the screen with mouse;
  • no waste button on taskbar; small icon in tray only;
  • to control the application right-click in window or in tray icon for popup menu to be shown.

Download (760 K).

This program is freeware. But if you like it, you could express it by registration and small donation (9.90 euro or equivalent). You can secure register the program at ShareIt!, global e-commerce provider for software and shareware sales via the Internet.

You name will be glorified in About box :). Thank you for support!

Screenshots. Wallpaper mode:

Window mode:

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